Meet the Black Nights Stars of 2022

Black Nights Stars, the initiative of the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event and Black Nights Discovery Campus, has announced the young actors taking part in its program in November.

The international jury has selected seven young talents from the Baltic Sea Region and one from Ukraine as a sign of support to the actors’ community in Ukraine. The Black Nights Stars of 2022 are Aamu Milonoff (Finland), Karlis Arnolds Avots (Latvia), Daria Polunina (Ukraine), Albert Arthur Amiryan (Denmark), Farba Dieng (Germany), Lena Barbara Luhse (Estonia), Petras Šimonis (Lithuania) and Maarja Johanna Mägi (Estonia).

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The jury who selected this year’s participants included Anja Dihrberg-Siebler (Casting director, member ICDN, Germany), Rie Hedegaard (Casting director, member ICDN, Denmark), Victor Jenkins (Casting director, member ICDN, UK), Alla Samoylenko (Casting director, member ICDN, Ukraine), Laura Munsterhjelm (Talent Agent, Finland, and Sweden), Maie Rosmann (Producer, Estonia), and Mike Rosser (Journalist, Screen International, UK).

According to Claudia Landsberger, the Head of the Black Nights Stars program, it took many hours of watching showreels, studying bios, and long deliberations for the international jury to come to the selection of the Black Nights Stars 2022. “We are very honored to present the eight young talents who will meet in Tallinn during the Black Nights Film Festival for a specially designed three-day program to support these young talents with their next steps into the international arena of the film industry. They will have meetings with international casting directors and talent agents and participate in various workshops and panels designed to enrich them with new skills, contacts, and information that can give them access to new opportunities in their careers.”